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Tips and Tricks for a Successful DASH Auction Showdown

It seems like auctions are everywhere these days... from our daughter’s dance recital, to college alumni events, to conferences at fancy golf courses.  They’re a staple for fundraising for non-profits across the world.  Why are they so successful?  People are looking for a good deal!

However, some auctions DO fail because they miss the fundamentals that have made auctions so successful.  On the DASH platform we hope to prevent that from happening to you and your team.  Below are a few tips and tricks to ensure your auction is successful on the DASH platform:

  • Diversify – Not all fans want the same memorabilia item or team experience.  Not all fans can purchase expensive items.  Diversify your offerings with price points and a variety of items offered.
  • Promotion – If you’re onboard with DASH, ensure your front office (and especially your marketing department) is onboard with DASH.  Not all fans follow your Facebook or Twitter feeds, not all respond to in-game PA announcements.  Make sure your team is right there with you every step of the way.

    Marketing works in the most subtle of ways.  ‘Science’ says that most individuals respond and make a purchasing decision after 4 touchpoints. Cheers to ‘science’.
  • Lower bid increments – The goal is to keep people engaged.  Think to yourself: 'am I more willing to come back and bid if the bid increments are $5, or $25?'  The more bidding you have, the more likely people are to continue bidding because a feeling of attachment to the item.
  • The in-game item – DASH allows you to update and upload items in real time giving you the opportunity to ‘capture the moment’ history is made and fans are most emotionally engaged.  Stage an item or two, such as a player’s jersey or your goalkeepers goalie gloves, so when ‘the moment’ hits, you can share that with your entire fan base.

At the end of the day, DASH is a tool, the success or failure of an auction is determined by you, the team.

We love talking with our partner teams and diving deep into their auctions to help them be the most successful they can be.  Your success is our success and we’re here to help.