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Houston Dash reach 12 states with digital auction

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The Houston Dash, NWSL soccer club, utilize digital auction to reach 6,800 fan engagements, sell $1,700 item, and reach fans in 12 states.

Saturday, the team hosted their first digital auction.  Proceeds went toward the One Orlando Fund benefiting the victims of the Orlando Night club tragedy.  The Houston Dash not only supported a great cause, but also engaged four different communities across the US: the LGBT, US Soccer, City of Orlando, and their own Dash fan base.

Marketing for the auction was simple: social media.  The Houston Dash used Twitter and Facebook to let fans know of the auction items.  Their posts were shared across the country.  Fan impressions were in the 10’s of thousands.

Of the six items that went up for auction, all six were sold to winners in different states and one item sold for $1,700.

The widespread fan engagement showcases the potential of the digital auction.  Not only can teams engage their fan base across the country and locally, but they can also hold auctions on non-game days as well, engaging fans deep into the off-season.

Just ask the Lone Star Brahmas, an NAHL hockey club, finding success engaging fans during their off-season.