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Gameday Auctions Put Butts in Seats

Whether they meant to or not, the New England Black Wolves of the National Lacrosse League, gave us all an ‘ah-ha’ moment that gameday auctions held by professional sports teams can put butts in seats.

Q: Who said ‘must be present to win’ meant items up for auction?  A: quite a few people actually.

The Black Wolves had a different approach...

The Black Wolves offered youth lacrosse teams in attendance the opportunity to win proceeds from the jersey auction taking place that night.  The winner would be announced during intermission and brought on to the field for a check presentation.  What was the catch (b/c there’s always a catch)?

Not much: Winners had to be present to win.  Meaning, they had to buy a ticket.  The more youth lacrosse players and families who bought tickets and were in attendance, the higher the odds of winning the pot!

One youth lacrosse team went home with $3,000 that night.

This simple idea can drive hundreds of tickets to a game and be a TON of fun for those attending and creating memories that last forever.

Have a youth baseball, hockey, lacrosse, or soccer sales rep in your office?  Let’s have a conversation about the finer details to ensure your success putting butts in seats with this auction opportunity.

Have a great day!

Founder, DASH Auction