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Norfolk Admirals showcase creativity w/ 4 phases auction

628 bids placed - A new DASH record set by the Norfolk Admirals Friday night during their Military Appreciation game.  The auction was comprised of FOUR Phases, all ending 30 minutes apart during the game.  The four phases, all having 5 - 6 jerseys drove urgency, engagement, and a 'fear of missing out' (FOMO) from fans wanting to meet players, get an autograph, and take their favorite player's jersey home at the end of the night.

Of the 50+ bidders, less than half won...  leaving a considerable number of fans who all indicated to the club they're willing to put down serious dollars for Norfolk Admirals gear.  Is there a team who wouldn't want to call 50+ fans Monday after an auction for an upsell opportunity or to offer team merchandise or tickets, to those who lost out on bidding?

This is the second auction in a row the Admirals, lead by Ex-NAHL front office man Walt Ruff, have shattered DASH Auction engagement numbers.  Walt knows a thing or two about engaging a fanbase through digital auctions and team social channels.  Not only did the Admirals break the bidding record, but also broke DASH impression numbers with more than 10,000 impressions from fans.