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The Auction Showdown

The Auction Showdown is an idea to bring the competition that takes place on the field between teams into the stands and into the palm of a fans’ hands to raise money for their communities.

The premise, is that both team’s charitable foundations each host an auction with items such as team memorabilia and experiences.  The team who raises the least amount of money, will do something fun and/or embarrassing… or perhaps, a charitable initiative in the other’s community.

For the first time, on June 2, FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo will compete in an Auction Showdown during Major League Soccer’s Texas Derby.

One dynamic to the Auction Showdown, is the in-game element, and the ability to instantly upload and update the auction in real-time by each team.  This means, when a player scores a goal, or the goalie makes an incredible save, the teams can offer the ball that scored, or the goalie’s goalie gloves to their fanbase in that moment.  As you can imagine, significant moments, brings significant dollars.

We are looking forward to watching the results and sharing more ideas to sports teams for their charitable auctions.