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The Experience Items

Offering team experience auction items is a great way to leverage the assets of your club… assets that may otherwise go unused.  And better yet, they don’t cost the club much money to provide.

Here are a few ideas for auction items:

  • 10 ticket party package w/ additional experiences such as a locker room tour, player meet/greet, time with the mascot.
    • Potential for: Additional ticket purchases, food/beverage, merchandise, parking revenue.
  • The post-game press conference
    • This is a once in a lifetime experience for almost everyone.  This item also brings ‘instant gratification’ to fans as they can enjoy this experience directly after the game.
  • VIP experience
    • This one is easy.  Premium parking, premium seating with additional club access (throw in a food/bev card if desired).
  • Pre-game coin toss
    • Talk about a once in a life time memory that your fans will talk about forever!

Additional ideas:  Opportunity to participate in the halftime entertainment, coach for a day, lunch with your favorite player, GM for a day, fly away with the team.

The list of items can go on and on and on.  Please share yours so that others too can gather ideas for their own auctions.