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The Possibilities are Endless

The blind auction – this is actually an idea that has been around for awhile.  The premise is that there is one item being auctioned.  The competition within this auction is the fact that bids on the item are unknown until the end of the auction.  For instance, bids placed by 50 fans may come in as follows:  $25, $125, $70, $500, $5, $95, $250… and so on.

As the auction gets closer to closing, uncertainty, restlessness, and an emotional desire to win the item by the fans competing, in turn brings a higher value to the item.  Note the one fan who bid $500…  this fan did not bid just one time, in fact, he or she bid $25, $125, and finally $500 to win the auction. 

The partnership item – a lot of the time these days we see a Team’s Charitable Foundation partner with a local business who has a desire to giveback to the community.  In many instances, this may come from an existing team partner or a local business that has been touched by a personal story.

Take for instance, the Dallas Mavericks and Louis Powersports.  Here is a great example of a corporate sponsor who is utilizing a team’s assets to the fullest:  players, off-day marketing, social channels, and the team’s Charitable Foundation.