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CEO & Founder

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Jonathan started his career in sports with FC Dallas, Major League Soccer.  It was working at FC Dallas that Jonathan recognized the opportunity to launch DASH, Digital Auction Showdown.

Jonathan noted the struggles, and opportunities, the Team’s Foundation Director was having with her team memorabilia auctions.  The auctions were rudimentary pen and paper auctions with little fan engagement and money raised.

With the prevalence of smart phones in every fans’ hand, Jonathan recognized the potential in digitizing the team auctions.

Through the auctions, fans could connect with their favorite teams in an emotional and engaging way, and at the same time get their hands on the most authentic memorabilia and team experiences.   For the teams, they could connect with their fans and drive revenues for other business units of the club as well, such as merchandise, concessions, sponsorships, and ticket sales.

This is Jonathan’s second successful start-up business.


Jason Osburn


Jason met Jonathan on an elevator.  From there, the rest is history in the making. Jason’s background is in mobile app design.  Jason is featured 3 times in the Apple App Store Hall of Fame.  Jason’s expertise is in the area of User Experience and Mobile App Design.

Pete Taliancich


Pete is considered an All-star in North Texas for his work in software architecture.  Pete has lead teams of more than 30 individuals to create mobile platforms for brands such as BET, NBC Universal, NatGeo and many more.


Ian Parkinson


Ian is a Sergeant in the US Marine Corps and has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to mobile applications.  Ian is also the QA Engineer for digital platforms such as BET, MSNBC and Fox News.  


Ryan Gant


Ryan is the latest member of the DASH team.  He has a unique skills set building mobile applications in that he is both a Senior level iOS and Android Developer.  You can check out Ryan's work by downloading the Coke Freestyle, the MLS, and ESPN The Mag mobile apps.