Why DASH is Great for Teams & Leagues


We’re known for our awesome game day digital auctions! What will you do with all that fan attention they bring?


DASH is a super-highway for e-commerce on gameday. Fans can purchase items in their seat and pick-up on the way out the door.


Geofencing your arena is a great way to identify who is in your building -or- push ticket sales!

Graphic Design

Utilize DASH’s complimentary Graphic Designer.

Real-Time Interface

DASH allows you to update and upload items in real time. So whether you’re at your desk, or at the arena, you can control the DASH experience


DASH can go anywhere as a seamless and branded experience. Inside your Team’s mobile app? We got you. On your web site? We’ve got you there too!

Secondary Offers

We’re batting near 1.000% if you’re a fan of baseball statistics.

Messaging Tool

Engage fans via SMS, push notifications, web notifications, and email to keep them in the loop during the moments that matter most!

Sell In-Arena or Out

Fans get crazy engaged with DASH which makes it the perfect place to sell EVERYTHING!


DASH is a family of sports teams that are always sharing ideas, best practices, and success stories to make your own.

Our Roster

We’ve been fortunate to partner with amazing teams as well as several leagues and look forward to adding yours to this list.

“They (DASH) have changed the auction experience for the nonprofit as well as the bidders. We have raised 90% more on our in game and event auctions by using DASH. We have saved countless hours by being able to pop an auction up with 30 items or sometimes just 3.”

– Melissa BairFC Dallas Foundation

“Big thank you to Danielle (DASH’s Graphic Designer) for being great to work with and very responsive on getting all of the graphics put together. I know we were late in the game in terms of getting that going. She really made a difference for us. Appreciate that!”

– Tim VieiraKansas City Mavericks

“Some great stuff happening with our teams and our league partner DASH! A great opportunity that everyone can benefit from!”

– Alex KyriasNorth American Hockey League

“Our video board is a glorified ‘Lite Brite’ so, instead of using it all night, we want to utilize the 4,000 handheld video boards in our arena. We want fans on their phone the whole time they’re here. We can do that with DASH.”

– Blake CoddingtonKnoxville IceBears

“Not only does DASH provide us a creative new way to boost revenue, but from the feedback we’ve received, DASH has been a great experience for our fans.”

– Taylor HallTulsa Oilers